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Rutas del Conflicto

Publish by Datos abiertos, September 28 of 2017
image Rutas del Conflicto
The project was selected within 573 postulates for the 2016 Data Journalism Awards of the Global Network Editor; the online media documented 728 massacres in Colombia since 1982 and has the stories of the victims of the armed conflict in the country. The Global Network Editor (GEN) held the Data Journalism Awards (DJA), the first international awards to recognize outstanding work in the field of data journalism around the world and in which, among 573 nominated projects, it was awarded Routes del Conflicto, an independent online media, focused on issues of armed conflict in Colombia.

Rutas del Conflicto is the first journalistic database in Colombia that has documented 728 massacres since 1982, presented to the public through data visualization tools, journalistic videos, photographs and radio podcasts. The project was born out of the need to give visibility to the events of the armed conflict in the country that had not yet been narrated by traditional media or by the State. This special journalism becomes important in times of peace and post-conflict agreement in the country, allowing victims and citizens to tell and to know stories of the barbarism that left the violence; in addition to assisting in the construction of the national historical memory, through the 'I Survived' section, which contains a map and a visualization of the location of survivors, and a list of their testimonies.

The project - created in 2014 - has been innovative since its inception, with mass data content and an application focused on satellite positioning technology (GPS), where users could see what massacres occurred within a radius of 50 kilometers from its own location. So the person is not in the country, can see the information contained in the application, which is free and is available for Android and the operating system IOS (iPhone and iPad) with a score of 4.5 in the Google Play Store . The Conflict Routes team is composed mostly of journalism students and professionals from the University of Rosario, and Oscar Parra's lecture professor, Óscar Parra, who coordinates the project.

This medium is an ally of the National Historical Memory Center, the Universidad del Rosario and of the editorial board. The awards were presented at the Global Network Editor GEN summit, at the DJA awards ceremony of 2017 and the gala dinner at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna on 22 June. The GEN is a community of more than 1,300 writers and innovators, belonging to all platforms: newspaper, radio, television and content providers on the web, and its mission is to define the future of journalism with an emphasis on innovation in theaters of writing. The ICT Ministry, through its online governance, promotes the opening, use and use of open data, to be analyzed and used by citizens, entrepreneurs, scientists, academics, journalists and the media.