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Learning about data

Learn about the concepts of open data, the virtuous circle of data, the map of the colombian government, the evaluation of the preparation for the opening of data in Colombia, among other documents of interest.

21 Results
Open Data Platform Training (Part 3)
This is the third part of the general training of the open data portal of Colombia, regarding the following topics: Updating data sets and visualizations.
Open Data Readiness Assessment
This document is a diagnostic for open data in Colombia and an analysis of good practices in other countries.
Open Data Standardization Guide
This guide establishes recommendations and guidelines for the standardization of open data in Colombia.
Presentation for Developers
This presentation introduces the API for developers in order to implement WEB or mobile solutions that consume data from the Colombian state's new open data portal.
Presentation How to Publish.
This presentation shows the functionalities of the new open data portal of the Colombian state, specifically with respect to publication of data.
Presentation Open Data Colombia
This presentation seeks to introduce and sensitize entities about the publication and use of open data.
Presentation Use Open Data
The objective is to show the functionalities of the Colombian state's new open data portal, specifically with respect to the use of data through visualizations such as georeferenced maps, heat maps and statistical graphs.
Presentation What To Publish
This presentation instructs the entities on what data to publish, how to structure the data and how to ensure the quality of the data.
Route Map
The Route Map is a strategy of the Government of Colombia that seeks to respond to the most pressing and strategic needs of citizens and entrepreneurs for access to services provided by public entities.
Study Data Open Education Colombia and Catalog
The objective of this study is to know the current situation of data sets linked to the education sector that are being published in Colombia's open data portal and to compare it with the availability of similar open data in other relevant international initiatives.