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image Meet the free trainings of tools in Data Analytics of the MinTIC

Meet the free trainings of tools in Data Analytics of the MinTIC

Bogota D.C. October 17, 2018 Through three virtual trainings, amateurs and experts can learn a little more about these technological solutions that allow a better use of open data. With the aim of making the use of open data a successful way to democratize knowledge, build analysis, solve problems and begin to erase the myths about the availability of large volumes of data on the web, the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications (MinTIC), together with the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology of Colombia (BIOS), will carry out several webinars to expose and explain the functionalities of different analytical tools that are available. These free data analytics solutions are characterized by simple and free access softwares that allow, according to their level of depth, to perform activities such as visualization, structuring, modeling and data cleaning, among other processes. This is how these webinars bet on two important population segments for the demystification of the use of Big Data: on the one hand, those enthusiasts of analytics, entrepreneurs and amateurs who are initiated in this field or who want to deepen the visualization tools; and on the other, the informatics of institutions and entities, who have the responsibility to bring their organizations closer to the correct and efficient use of the data in order to draw valuable conclusions that lead to informed decision-making. The tools that will be made available through the webinars are the following: • October 16: Data visualization with Microsoft's Power BI. (1 hour)   • October 17: Data visualization with Tableau Public. (1 hour)   • October 22: Tools for Advanced Analytics with R Studio. (2 hours) Make your registration here
image "Our bet is to achieve a digital state that is the engine of the transformation of the country": ICT Minister

"Our bet is to achieve a digital state that is the engine of the transformation of the country": ICT Minister

Bogotá, October 18, 2018 In the framework of the 'Governing in the data era' forum, the ICT Minister, Sylvia Constain, pointed out that the sectoral policy 'The Digital Future belongs to Everyone' has a pillar that seeks the digital transformation of sectors and territories, in which open data is fundamental. During the forum 'Governing in the era of data', the Minister of Information Technologies and Communications, Sylvia Constain, said that one of the great goals of the national government is to achieve a digital state, which is the engine of transformation of the country and guarantor of the digital future of all Colombians. He indicated that, for this, the entity will work to achieve the standardization and massification of Digital Citizen Services such as interoperability, the citizen's folder and electronic authentication; as well as strengthen the institutional architecture of Information Technology (IT) and ensure digital security that promotes trust. Likewise, increase the number of online services and reduce the procedures for the citizen, and finally, achieve credibility in the processes. Minister Constain indicated that the data is fundamental in this process. "Our commitment is not only to open and dispose of information, but that it is used by the State and by all Colombians to make decisions," he added. He pointed out that the data are enablers of the pillars of Government: for equity, as a source of inclusion; for transparency, in the fight against corruption and decision-making; for entrepreneurship, as a source for different business models, and for legality, as guarantor of the rights of citizens. He added that MinTIC will articulate with public entities the use of high quality data, which will be of benefit to industry, civil society and academia in the development of products and services that contribute to the digital economy and guarantee transparency. This work will be framed in the pillar of Digital Transformation of the Sector and the Territories, of the ICT policy 2018 - 2022 'The Digital Future belongs to All'. For the private sector, the entity will have as its mission to eliminate the barriers to facilitate this transformation in all sectors, and for the public sector, there will be a great strategy led by the Presidency of the Republic, with the High Council for Innovation and Transformation Digital. Precisely, the High Councilor, Víctor Muñoz, exposed during the event, organized by the School of Government of the University of the Andes, how the initiative of Open Data of the State will be a fundamental pillar for the modernization of public entities and the revitalization of the digital economy of the country. Reference: